Drop became Keyp!

We’re no longer operating Drop, but took parts of the technology and started Keyp.

Keyp is the next generation Identity Platform-as-a-Service based on an open and decentralized infrastructure. Come and check it out!

Drop: Join the blockchain society and become a cryptocitizen.

Being matched with relevant information has nothing to do with sharing all your personal data.

Drop is going to be an anonymous blockchain p2p platform to encourage a blockchain society in which cryptocitizens can interact in a secure, decentralized and self-coordinated way.
We are building a blockchain identity management system that is going to enable you to only interact with content & people relevant for YOU – completely anonymous.

Drop is a social network for
nerds & geeks sharing our values:


Anonymity rules!


Getting access to relevant content & information has nothing to do with sharing my personal data with anyone.


Quality before quantity


My data & identity are mine and mine alone.


Individuality before generalization


Self determination before dictates


I want to decide for myself what kind of information I get to see.

Locked rooms for matching people & content

The user-generated locks are defined by the room creator and function as access barriers & participation task.
It’s up to you who you allow in your room. Did they fulfill your task and fit in? This way you surround yourself with people like you and guarantee qualitative contributions.

  • unite like-minded people
  • ensure integrity
  • guarantee relevant & qualitative content


set a topic for your picture collection and use it to crowdsource images and create qualitative collections by only allowing pictures in that fit.


exchange experiences & knowledge in a secure chat room as all the others had to overcome the same barrier to unlock them.


use the post room to start a wiki to crowdsource tips, articles, etc. together with like-minded people to ensure a high quality.

Anonymous & private social network

We don’t believe in having to share all our information with huge middle men. With our locks you don’t need this to still get matched & access your individually relevant information.

  • Usernames & avatars as your profile
  • Be in full control of who gets what information about you
  • The base for a true identity management system using blockchain technology


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